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Whosday: TARDIS of the Week #4

I figured it was about time for a TARDIS you could actually buy if you were so inclined. You can buy this felt TARDIS bag for $180.00 (US). A bit high, but if I did have that kind of money to just spend on a bag, I’d be seriously tempted.

Apparently, the dimensions are 11.8” by 6.3” (that’s 30 cm by 16 cm).  It’s huge and gaudy, and I love it. Probably wouldn’t bring it anywhere but conventions. Knowing me, I’d spill something on it or otherwise manage to dirty it if I used it every day. I would consider converting an old lunchbox into a TARDIS, though. Yep, I’d use the heck out of that.

What do you think? Do you want one?

Happy Hunger Games!

***Update 3/23, 7:00 PM — I’ve seen the film, and it is awesome. You should check it out! They did a superb job. Look out for a review later this week. :) ***

***Update 3/24, 4:15 AM: You know, I don’t know if I will write a review for this. There’s one up over at io9 that I just read that pretty much says everything I think I’d want to get across. I’m tired right now, though, so maybe I’ll feel differently about that later when I’ve had a day to reflect on the film.***

Greetings, citizens of Panem! The 74th annual Hunger Games have begun!

Well, ok, so we don’t live in Panem. That’s probably for the best. However, the movie based on The Hunger Games came out out today, so there is still reason to celebrate. I’m going to try and see it later if the tickets aren’t completely sold out. Hopefully I can have a review up for you soon.

To honor this awesome occasion, I took some inspiration from Mom’s Basement and decided to put together a collection of fun things you can pick up to show your love for this series. Each image links to the item, so click on through if you want to learn more about something.

Have you ever wanted to wear the globe that the names get drawn from in the Reaping? No? Well, you can anyway. This necklace is pretty, even if it does contain slips of paper that send people to their deaths.

If you want to show your support for the Mockingjay, you couldn’t go wrong with this fun bag. I kind of want one myself, actually. Must…resist…don’t…need…more…bags…

While you’re in the Arena, maybe you’re so confident that you’ll win that you want to keep a journal of your time there to publish. Or maybe you’re just a normal person who is a fan of the books and likes the Mockingjay symbol. Either way, check out this pretty journal.

If you like Finnick, this gorgeous blue ribbon wrap bracelet could be right up your alley. I just love the colors the crafter used to make it.

It seems jewelry combining birds, bows, and arrows is stylish since the series became popular. Here are some nifty pieces from that department.

Of course, there are lots of different shirts and other clothing you could find to show your Panem spirit.

If geeky shirts aren’t your thing, how about some nice propaganda for your walls?

Have you read The Hunger Games series? Planning to see the movie? Think it’s crazy that the story pits 24 kids against each other in a battle for life and death? Maybe you just can’t get over how much like Battle Royale the whole thing sounds. Whatever’s running through your head, share your thoughts in the comments.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Featured Etsy Shop: Naniwear

This week’s feature is on Naniwear, an Etsy shop with lots of clever anime/generally geeky goodies.

How did you get started as a crafter?
I’ve always been crafty. Learned to knit when I was 7 or 8, then crochet when I was in my early 20’s. The hubby is a graphic artist by education and training.

What is your favorite type of craft?
My favorite is crocheting and spinning, well, any fiber arts, really. The husband’s is computer graphics.

What is your favorite piece that you’ve ever made, and why is it your favorite?
I’m really proud of our WWQBD? button. It was really hard to evoke Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica without violating copyright. That’s always a balance we’re striving for. I think it takes more cleverness and creativity to evoke a licensed product, than actually ripping it off. It’s easy to rip off an image or trademarked phrase. There’s no creativity there. Doing it this way makes it more funny, more creative, and more effective.

What inspires you to create?
I get bored easily. I’m always working on something. The same with the husband. We’re always brainstorming. I’m always doing something, be it making stuff for the shop, or doing my fiber crafting.

Have you ever just wanted to make *something* but found yourself at a loss for what to do? If so, how do you overcome crafter’s block?
Not really. I think we avoid that because it’s my husband and I, and we can constantly bounce things off each other. We’re different enough that we avoid that stale feedback loop, but similar enough that we don’t clash too much. Plus, I can always turn to my fiber crafting when I get stuck.

What are some of your favorite geeky interests?
Oh lordy, what aren’t? For starters, the husband and I met at an anime club meeting, where he was the vice president. He started an anime convention back in 1997 that’s the biggest anime con in the Rocky Mountain region (Nan Desu Kan). We’re both old school Doctor Who fans. I’m a huge Babylon 5 fan. We’re both generally science-fiction fans, both literature and film. Both science geeks, in fact I’m listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk podcast as I’m responding to this. Both gamers (though he’s more than I). I admit, however, I’m more nerdy than geeky. I have an old friend that says I’m her Sheldon.

Do you have any suggestions for crafters trying to get started on Etsy?
Do something you love. You’ll never get bored doing that.

If you could meet anyone, real or fictional, and talk about anything with them, who would it be and what would you talk about?
Oh wow, I’m an historian by education, and there’s so many I’d like to talk to. As I said, I’m more nerdy than geeky. Some of my favorite historical figures I’d love to talk to are Elizabeth I, and find out who her lovers really were. Alexander the Great, and just have a drink with him, that’d be brilliant. Margaret Sanger, and if she was actually an atheist. That’s just a small list.

Any other fun/random facts you’d like to share (secret obsessions, other hobbies not covered by geeky interests, pets, favorite things, etc.)?
My husband shares the exact same birthdate as David Tennant.


You can find Naniwear on Etsy, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and their shop website.

Treasury Time: Under $10, Anime, and Tea Time

It’s time for some crafter love by way of a few Etsy treasuries. Each treasury here features at least one person from a team I’m on over at Etsy. They are all such great crafters that I love making collections of their work. I’ve been having a lot of fun putting these together; somehow, it makes me feel creative. Hope you enjoy them! Click the pictures to see the actual treasury page. :)

This first treasury contains lots of geeky items related to anime series I really enjoy. Some of the shows included were listed in my last Geek-ly Roundup on anime; some will be listed in a future anime roundup.

Awesome Animes Etsy Treasury
Awesome Animes Etsy Treasury

I’m pretty sure I decided to make this treasury whilst doing one of two things: drinking delicious tea or thinking about Alice in Wonderland. Either way, there are loads of fun tea-inspired goodies in this treasury.

"It's Tea Time!" Etsy Treasury
"It's Tea Time!" Etsy Treasury

The last treasury for this post is an “under $10” treasury. I saw a thread where folks were posting their items in that price range and I thought it would be nice to make a treasury of neat stuff you can find on Etsy without breaking your wallet.

"Fun Items Under $10" Etsy Treasury
"Fun Items Under $10" Etsy Treasury

Hope you liked the treasuries! I’m planning a geeky crafting post soon with a new craft I’ve been playing around with, so stay tuned. Also, don’t forget about the Doctor Who craft contest! There are 9 days left until the winners will be chosen. Check out the contest page for details. :)

Treasury Time: Words and the Color Blue

I recently joined an Etsy team called “Geek Girls of Etsy,” and looking at all of their wonderful, geeky work has made me absolutely treasury crazy. So far, I’ve put together two treasuries featuring their items. The first is called “Feeling Blue (in a good way!)” and has all sorts of pretty, quirky, and awesome items with the color blue in them. The second is called “Words, Words, Words…” and all of the items in it have some sort of word, phrase, quote, letters, etc.

"Feeling Blue (In a good way!)" Etsy Treasury
"Feeling Blue (In a good way!)" Etsy Treasury
"Words, Words, Words" Etsy Treasury
"Words, Words, Words" Etsy Treasury

Hope you enjoyed looking at all the fun items! There are some really talented people in this group, so if you want to check out some cool crafts (nerdy and otherwise), you should definitely take a look. :)