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TARDIS of the Week #13

I probably should have waited on this one until it’s a little closer to the holidays, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it now. Also, if you like it, this will give you plenty of time to buy one so you can use it!

If you haven’t figured it out, this week’s TARDIS is a holiday ornament. This time, I actually found something that is official merch, too, so you can buy it straight from the BBC.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I really want one. Might have to make a set of 2D clay ones if I ever want to have a Doctor Who-themed Christmas tree. 😀

If you like the TARDIS ornament, you might also enjoy the BBC’s red Dalek ornament, which you can check out here. Have you seen any nifty police boxes around the Internet lately? Link ’em below!

TARDIS of the Week #11

Arg. I’m terrible at this. I do pretty well at getting daily blog posts out for a week or so, and then life says, “You mean you want to write stuff for your personal site? Hah! Nope.”

At least I found time today to dig up a new TARDIS on Etsy. This little beauty just adds to my previously expressed desire to get back into cross stitching.

This cross stitched TARDIS looks relatively simple, but it’s still pretty. It even comes framed and ready to display. You can pick it up on Etsy from a shop called WistfulBird. If you’d rather try your hand at stitching it yourself, there’s even a pattern for sale!

TARDIS of the Week #10

It’s Whosday, so that mean’s it’s TARDIS time!

This week’s police box is an adorable little bird house from Etsy shop billzbirdz. If I had my own place, I’d definitely want one of these for the backyard. Maybe I’ll try my hand at woodworking sometime soon…

If you like this TARDIS bird house, check it out at the link provided above, and share the listing with your friends! :)

TARDIS of the Week #9

If you thought you’d never get your weekly dose of TARDIS awesomeness from One Girl Geek again, then…well, I guess I wouldn’t blame you. It’s been over a month since my last entry in this column. In any case, I’m back, blogging, and ready to share a new TARDIS!

This week, check out this amusing TARDIS-shaped phone. The TARDIS looks like a police call box, so I suppose it was inevitable that someone would make a phone out of it. The actual listing where you can buy this phone doesn’t mention Doctor Who or the TARDIS, but I would be very surprised if our favorite police box didn’t inspire the product.

If I ever live in a place where I have a land line, I might just have to pick up one of these. What do you think?

Whosday: TARDIS of the Week #8

Squeezing this one in a bit late in the evening. I have been a busy little intern of late, so apologies for missing last week. I’d offer you a cookie to make up for it, but…well…it’s hard to send edible cookies digitally. And this is cuter.

Anyway, you’re here to see a cool TARDIS, and I’m here to oblige. Let me start by going off on a tangent.

I’m kind of in love with my current computer. It’s a nice Lenovo IdeaPad that looks slightly flame-like in the right lighting. I named it Ifrit in a long standing tradition I have of naming my PCs after Final Fantasy aeons. :)

That said, I would gleefully trade my pretty laptop in for this sweet TARDIS tower. (Though I’d probably want to upgrade it with newer innards, depending on how old this picture is…) Of course, then I’d have to forgo my video game art slideshow to have my wallpaper look like one of the screens in the control room…a major sacrifice, but one I’d be willing to make.

I found this one on Pinterest and haven’t been able to figure out exactly where it came from. The image URL is from Tumblr. So, if you own or know who owns this picture, please let me know in the comments. I really want to give this person credit for their awesome work…and ask them if it makes a “vworp vworp” sound when you press the power button. 😀

Judging by the ports on the back, etc., this doesn’t look like the same one commissioned with the BBC’s blessing, which is equally awesome.

What do you think? Would you like to add this computer to your TARDIS collection?