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Geek-ly Roundup: Everything Needs a Little Batman

No, really. Anything can be made better with a Batman logo. I ran into a nifty Batman glass on Pinterest the other day, and I realized that I pin a lot of stuff related to dear old Bats that you folks might enjoy. So, for my first roundup-style post in a while, I tracked down some fun Batman goodies and figured I’d share them with you here. It’s not exactly like the link extravaganzas of old, but I think it counts.

First up, check out that crime-fighting glass I mentioned. You can pick one up for yourself over at ThinkGeek.

I could spend an entire post on Batman stuff from ThinkGeek, but I’ll only throw in one more for now. If I ever decide I want to have a superhero themed party, I think I’ll need this ice tray to make little Batman ice cubes to go in that glass.

For another caped item, check out these awesome socks from 80s Tees. They have the Batman symbol and, yes, a little cape at the top. I really want a pair!

Of course, you can only find so much merch commercially. Sometimes, you just have to go to crafters for some of the more creative fandom-related items. For example, check out this amazing Batman apron from Etsy shop luv2right.

Finally, have a look at Etsy seller OddlyIndie’s custom Converses based on imagery from The Dark Knight Rises. I love my white Converses, but these are just too cool.

What’s your favorite place to snag merch based on your favorite geeky obsessions? Have you spotted any nifty Batman-themed items lately? Share the links in the comments!

TARDIS of the Week #11

Arg. I’m terrible at this. I do pretty well at getting daily blog posts out for a week or so, and then life says, “You mean you want to write stuff for your personal site? Hah! Nope.”

At least I found time today to dig up a new TARDIS on Etsy. This little beauty just adds to my previously expressed desire to get back into cross stitching.

This cross stitched TARDIS looks relatively simple, but it’s still pretty. It even comes framed and ready to display. You can pick it up on Etsy from a shop called WistfulBird. If you’d rather try your hand at stitching it yourself, there’s even a pattern for sale!

TARDIS of the Week #10

It’s Whosday, so that mean’s it’s TARDIS time!

This week’s police box is an adorable little bird house from Etsy shop billzbirdz. If I had my own place, I’d definitely want one of these for the backyard. Maybe I’ll try my hand at woodworking sometime soon…

If you like this TARDIS bird house, check it out at the link provided above, and share the listing with your friends! :)

I Might Have to Get Back Into Cross Stitching

Around this time last year, I had a roommate who was really into cross stitching. She was working on this huge tapestry of a scene from the Miyazaki movie Ponyo, and I was super impressed. I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t I pick up this awesome crafty skill as well?” I did a search for beginner cross stitch patterns, found a cute ducky one that I liked, and headed off to Michaels.

My cross stitching adventure didn’t last very long. I made three little duckies on a bookmark-sized piece of…that cloth you use for cross stitching. Does it have a special name? I dunno. Anyway, here are my duckies, complete with some fantastic mistakes. (I definitely forgot which way I was stitching part of the time…)

I think it was right around the time I finished the third duck that I fell in love with polymer clay. The embroidery floss and needles when into my sewing bag, and they didn’t see the light of day again until today when I took that picture.

Well, I think I may have found a reason to try this craft again.

Last night, I came across some awesomely nerdtastic cross stitch kits from a wonderful Etsy shop called nerd JERK. I found these delightful kits when shop owner Steph Cortes tweeted a link to this one, which I’m pretty sure I have no choice but to buy.

Isn’t it cute? It makes me laugh, too. I want to make this and hang it up in my kitchen so everyone can see something that makes them a little less grumpy in the morning. Ok, it might be mainly for myself…I think I’m the only one here who’s a bit of a grouch before I’ve had my orange juice and some quiet time with Google Reader in the morning. But I digress.

The other kits are just as nifty. I particularly like the “Chemistry,” “Nerd Love,” and “What’s Shakin’ Bacon?” kits, though I wish there were one for an adorable robot. I wonder if she takes kit requests…

These DIY packages really come with everything you could need. For example, here’s what comes in the “Don’t be poopy!” kit (quoted directly from the Etsy listing):

– One 4″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop
– A piece of Ivory Cotton Aida Fabric (16 gauge – 16 stitches = 1″)
– Several lengths of DMC high-quality embroidery floss
– 1 European quality Embroidery Needle
– An original nerd JERK pattern created for your craft pursuits
– Full instructions on how to get started with your new cross-stitch!
And even online references that helped me out when I started stitchin’!

There are lots of pictures at the various Etsy listings showing the contents of the kits as well as packaging. If you want to to see more of these or perhaps buy some of Steph’s other awesome handmade goodies (her amigurumi plushies are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!), then check out her Etsy shop. You can also follow her on Twitter for updates.

Whosday: TARDIS of the Week #5

I love tea. My mom drank the stuff like plain water, so maybe it’s in my blood. I’m definitely not knowledgeable about the different types of tea or anything, but I enjoy my Earl Grey.

Given that tea is awesome, when I saw this ceramic teapot, I know it was going to show up on my blog.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I want one. At first, all I came across was the picture on Pinterest. So, I did a little poking around and found out that the picture was originally in this post on a blog called Jadeflower. Rebekka Guenther Ferbrache, the amazing blogger and crafter behind this beautiful TARDIS teapot, actually sells them in her Etsy shop. It seems her work has gotten a lot of attention, since she has a post showing 32 of them ready to be sent out. There’s even a green one!

In any case, if you like the teapot, take a look at the rest of Rebekka’s blog and Etsy shop. I’m not sure I can afford the teapot right now, but I’d love to get one someday. I’m eyeing this adorable miniature TARDIS as well.

What do you think about this week’s TARDIS? Also, if you got a TARDIS teapot, what tea would you use it for first?