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Metrocon 2011!

I went as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who at Metrocon this past weekend. So much fun! I actually got a lot of attention. I guess Doctor Who is a lot more popular among geeks than even I had previously imagined. Most of the time, people just said “Doctor, Doctor! Can I take a picture with you?” Sometimes, I was poked. I even got asked for hugs! I have to admit, giving free hugs to Whovians was fun. It was a little awkward getting asked to take someone away, though…

One person said I was her first “Doctor in drag” for that day. I hope she saw the other great girl Doctor cosplayers. I saw a fair amount of folks dressed as various incarnations of the Doctor (mostly 10, a few 11 and one awesome 4), and I’d say about half of them were girls. Interestingly enough, I didn’t see any companions. At Megacon in March, I saw no female Doctors, but there was a large group of people with several male Doctor cosplayers and a few different companions (I remember seeing Amy Pond for sure, but I know there were others). Of course, I was only at Metrocon one day, but I did think it was cool that so many girls were dressed as our favorite Time Lord.

I think these two pictures were my favorites that I was in:

Look! I found the TARDIS!
Me as the tenth Doctor with an awesome fourth Doctor cosplayer. I adore her scarf!

See the sonic screwdriver I’m holding as the 10th Doctor? I made that myself with materials I had on hand at home, so I’ll be featuring that on one of my “Thrifty Thursday” posts. Keep an eye out if you want to know how to make one of your own!

Other great costumes I saw:

Aren't these pokemon breeders too cute?
Nyan Cat!
Awesome Kyoshi warrior cosplay.
Companion cube, Aperture Scientist, and Chell...isn't the portal gun awesome?

These two were from a group that, among other things, makes props. Check out their website:  http://www.hacsplus.com/ I think the prop section was called Cosplay Madness. (If you’re from this group, feel free to leave a comment correcting me.) The cube and portal gun are both handmade! Very impressive.

WordPress seems to be having some issues with letting me upload pictures, so I’ll try to upload more later. For now, I’ll list some of the really good ones I saw. There was a great Lightning cosplayer (Final Fantasy XIII), a Megaman and Doctor Light pair (handmade blaster!), a Vash from Trigun, a Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, a cute Sophie and Turniphead from Howl’s Moving Castle, a Link and Navi pair, a few bounty hunters from Star Wars, the Hulk, a songstress Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2), and a Peabody (Portal 2).

I primarily go to cons to see the cosplayers and Artists’ Alley sellers so I can marvel at their talent. However, I also really enjoy a lot of the panels. The “Voice Actors Unplugged” panel at Metrocon was hilarious and wonderful. We got to listen to Crispin Freeman, Scott McNeil, Kyle Herbert, Brad Swaile, and Kara Edwards answer questions about voice acting and other fun things. I also finally managed to get my “Conventioneer” achievement for Gaia Online by attending their panel. They talked about some nifty new things coming out on the site. The last panel I had time for was a session with the Parle Productions cosplay/acting group (from the UK). They have several amusing YouTube shows (I love the one called “Demyx Time”), and it was fun to see them in person.

Conventions like this are such great experiences. I think they’re some of the only places where anyone can be as nerdy as they want without having to worry about criticism. Putting together costumes and props to use at a con is a really fun process. Random thought: anyone know what it’s like to be a prop maker or special effects person?  My crafting experiences this summer are combining with my love of tinkering with electronics to make me think I should work on movie sets and props.