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Doctor Who: Pond Life Mini Episodes

In case you haven’t heard, the new series of Doctor Who starts tomorrow. In anticipation of Saturday’s episode, the BBC has been releasing some amusing mini episodes as a sort of prequel. Collectively titled “Pond Life,” these minute-long shorts will definitely get you excited to start series seven. Watch the first one below, with links to the rest to follow.

If you liked part one and want to see the others, here are the links from the BBC’s official YouTube channel:

Are you eagerly anticipating the first episode of series seven, “Asylum of the Daleks”? Share your excitement, party plans, scarf patterns, favorite fezzes, and banana daiquiri recipes in the comments. 😀

Doctor Who Mini-Episode “Good As Gold”

A while back, the BBC held a Doctor Who Script-to-Screen contest. School children were allowed to submit entries to the Olympics-themed competition, and the winners would have their script performed by the actual Doctor Who actors and aired on television. The winning mini-episode has finally come out, and it’s a really fun one.

The episode is called “Good As Gold,” and it was written by three adorable girls who really managed to capture the spirit of the Doctor in their script. Seriously, these kids are brilliant. The BBC should just hire them. Their mini-episode features the Doctor and Amy Pond in an encounter with an Olympic torch bearer and a Weeping Angel.

You can watch the mini-episode below, courtesy of Doctor Who Media. There’s a ton of behind the scenes stuff before the episode, including one part that shows how the costume and makeup for a Weeping Angel works. If you don’t care about the extras, the mini-episode starts at around the 5:50 mark.


What did you think of this mini-episode? I really hope BBC has more of these contests, because I think kids are perhaps the best people to write a whimsical Doctor Who story.

Behind the Scenes of “Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock”

The BBC recently released Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for the PS3 and Vita, and I can’t wait to play it. The video below, which came from Doctor Who Online, shows some behind the scenes footage on the making of the game. Apparently, they brought in Matt Smith and Alex Kingston to record their scenes with motion capture, meaning we get to see the Doctor in all his delightfully goofy glory. From what I’ve read, it’s a relatively short game (this IGN article clocks it in at about 8 to 10 hours), but there is local multiplayer, which will hopefully give it some added replay value. I just picked it up today, so stay tuned for the inevitable review. :)


Looks pretty awesome, right? Is anyone else planning on playing this? If you’re in the UK, you can even get a physical copy! I’m kind of jealous about that one. One of these days, I really might just move there.

Whosday: Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

Oh, dear. It appears we have another holiday to celebrate.

The official Doctor Who Facebook Page has declared April 3rd to now and forever be Fish Fingers and Custard Day. It’s the second anniversary of the original airing of “The Eleventh Hour,” in which the Eleventh Doctor has little Amelia help him figure out what food he likes. Turns out, it’s fish fingers and custard.


Ick. Well, I’m assuming it’s gross, anyway. Some people must like it, because the fans have been posting response videos to that clip. I suppose I could give it a go sometime. Does anyone know if I can buy ready-to-eat custard in any US grocery stores? What? I’m just curious. (Read: supposedly it’s easy to make, but I’m recovering from a sinus bug and don’t want to cook if I don’t have to.)

Frankly, I think I’d rather make and eat these fish fingers from Bakingdom.

Aren’t they cute? And guess what? They’re COOKIES! If you think they look tasty, click on through the picture or the link above it and check out Darla’s recipe. (While you’re there, read the rest of her blog if you have time. She makes some of the cutest, most delicious looking baked goodies I’ve ever seen in my life. See that TARDIS in the background? That’s an apron she made! I haven’t had time to actually try out her recipes, but I tend to bookmark a lot of them for future use anyway.)

In any case, happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Have you tried this appalling sounding dish? If you have, was it better than it sounds? Also, feel free to share recipes for fake fish fingers that are actually sweets.

Whosday: Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer

As River would say, “Spoilers!”

Looks like the BBC has finally released a trailer for Series 7. I really don’t want to wait until the Fall for Doctor Who to come back. Looks like I’ll have to organize some marathon parties to tide me over. Anyway…here’s the trailer. If you’re not planning to watch it because you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read past the embedded video. I’m hoping to inspire speculation in the comments.


What do you think? I’m looking forward to finding out what the story is behind the cyborg cowboy. The part where the Doctor says, “Give me a Dalek any day.” makes me kinda hope he’s another human/Dalek hybrid. This time, though, it would appear they put the electronics on the human instead of fusing one with a fleshy Dalek. I mean, we already know the Daleks will show up, so that could be an interesting twist.