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Geek-ly Roundup: Awesome Posts from Other Places

Starting this week, I’m officially changing the format of the Geek-ly Roundup to make it a place where I promote other bloggers I follow. There are some great people writing awesome stuff about games, crafts, anime, etc., and I want to share their work with all of you on a regular basis. Each week from here on, I’m planning to highlight a post or two from several different blogs that I enjoy reading. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these pieces, as well!

I think we’ll call that a wrap for the link roundup this time. I’m planning to do this every week (though not necessarily on the same day every time), so send me links to cool stuff if you think it should be featured.

One a Day #3: Girl Scout Cookie Crunch Bars!

Earlier this year, the Internet was abuzz with articles heralding the coming of a new candy bar based on Girl Scout Cookies. Well, the Crunch bar/Girl Scout Cookie mashup arrived in stores this month, and I just have one thing to say: omnomnomnomnom…

Sorry, that was me finishing off my Samoa Crunch bar. Anyway, these things are absolutely fantastic. There are three different varieties of these limited run chocolates, each based on a different Girl Scout Cookie. Overall, the concept is brilliant: mash together two amazing junk foods, only sell the candy for a little while, and everyone will buy it. Well, it worked on me, anyway. Here are my thoughts on these tasty treats.

  • Peanut Butter Creme (AKA, Tagalongs): Though yummy, this is the weakest of the flavor trio. They remind me of those Little Debbie Nutty Bars I used to eat as a kid (not exactly a compliment). Then again, I was never a huge fan of Tagalongs.
  • Caramel & Coconut (AKA, Samoas): Wow. The Samoa Crunch bars are crazy sweet. I couldn’t eat more than half of one of these in one sitting. They do remind me a lot of the cookies they’re based on, though, so they get bonus points for that. These are pretty good.
  • Thin Mints (I guess they decided not to change the name on these.): These are the best of the batch. Thin Mints are my favorite Girl Scout Cookies, and the Crunch bar version doesn’t disappoint. They aren’t too sweet, and the minty flavor is perfect.

The bottom line? Nestle created a winning combination with these candy bars. They’re pretty true to the cookies, and they are just downright delicious. Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

Seriously, these things are amazing.

Whosday: Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

Oh, dear. It appears we have another holiday to celebrate.

The official Doctor Who Facebook Page has declared April 3rd to now and forever be Fish Fingers and Custard Day. It’s the second anniversary of the original airing of “The Eleventh Hour,” in which the Eleventh Doctor has little Amelia help him figure out what food he likes. Turns out, it’s fish fingers and custard.


Ick. Well, I’m assuming it’s gross, anyway. Some people must like it, because the fans have been posting response videos to that clip. I suppose I could give it a go sometime. Does anyone know if I can buy ready-to-eat custard in any US grocery stores? What? I’m just curious. (Read: supposedly it’s easy to make, but I’m recovering from a sinus bug and don’t want to cook if I don’t have to.)

Frankly, I think I’d rather make and eat these fish fingers from Bakingdom.

Aren’t they cute? And guess what? They’re COOKIES! If you think they look tasty, click on through the picture or the link above it and check out Darla’s recipe. (While you’re there, read the rest of her blog if you have time. She makes some of the cutest, most delicious looking baked goodies I’ve ever seen in my life. See that TARDIS in the background? That’s an apron she made! I haven’t had time to actually try out her recipes, but I tend to bookmark a lot of them for future use anyway.)

In any case, happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Have you tried this appalling sounding dish? If you have, was it better than it sounds? Also, feel free to share recipes for fake fish fingers that are actually sweets.

Happy Pi Day!

Pi is my favorite number, so I always get excited when March 14th rolls around every year. (See what I did there? Rolls? Round things roll, round things are circular, the area of a circle is πr^2…)

If you’re looking for some fun ways to celebrate today’s awesomeness, search no further! Here are several amusing things you can do today to better enjoy this wonderful holiday.

1. Sing Pi Day songs. I remember a couple of these from middle school, when my geometry teacher let us bring in pies and make merry in celebration of our favorite number. For example, this classic, which is sung to the tune of Oh, Christmastree, was very popular:

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi, Your digits are unending.
Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi, No pattern are you sending.
You’re three point one four one five nine,
And even more if we had time,
Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi, For circle lengths unbending.

There are some more Pi Day songs here and here. Happy caroling!

2. Eat pie. I really hope I can do this today. Might not be able to get to it until pretty late, but I’m going to try. Check out these awesome Pi Day pies. I did not make them, unfortunately.

3. Throw a Pi Day party. You can combine Pi Day songs, Pi Day pies, and even Pi Day drinks to have a very nerdy party. Check out this recipe from ThinkGeek. I suspect most of the fun is in the making.

Image from ThinkGeek. Yes, that is a Pi-shaped ice cube on the glass. Click the picture to see the tray it came from!

4. Do some brain teasers. Go play some Professor Layton (there’s always a circle puzzle in there somewhere), check out this site with a Pi Day sudoku board (it’s round), or check out the Pi Day challenge. No, I haven’t done the challenge puzzles.

5. Memorize digits of Pi. 100,000 of them here. Start memorizing!

You get the general idea, right? Do something fun involving Pi on its special day.

Do you have anything planned for Pi Day? Have you had any crazy Pi Day celebrations in the past?

(Fun fact: this post only took me about 15 minutes to put together…I needed a quick break from a research project and figured I’d test how fast I could finish it. I’m pretty proud of myself. :))

Geek-ly Roundup: Cupcakes!

I’m having a bit of a cupcake craving, so this week’s roundup is going to consist solely of delicious looking cupcake recipes. Let me know if you try any of these! Also, don’t forget about our Doctor Who craft contest, which ends September 30th. Check the contest page for details. Without further adieu…the cupcake recipes!

Mario cupcake scene! (via flickr)
Mario cupcake scene! (via flickr)