University of Michigan Class is “Gaming for the Greater Good”

If you’re looking for something inspiring to remind you that video games can be good for the world, take a look at this. There’s a class at the University of Michigan that has students develop games for use in therapy for autistic kids. Their goal is to provide these kids with simple games that will engage them and get them to do something active.

It’s such a great idea to have students working on projects that can actually be used in the real world to benefit others rather than having them just do abstract exercises that might teach them the concepts they need to know but have no context. It sounds like the kids these engineering students are making these games for are having fun, too.

Do you find this inspiring? I know I did. If you want more information apart from the YouTube video, check out the whole story here.

[via Gaming World Wide]

2 thoughts on “University of Michigan Class is “Gaming for the Greater Good””

    1. I really enjoy seeing things like this, too. It’s always nice to see people proving everyone who says video games are bad for the world wrong. :)

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