Geek-ly Roundup: Firefly Cupcakes, Lego LOTR Stopmotion, and More

In case you missed the giant logo, welcome back to the Geek-ly Roundup!

This time, I’m actually posting for last week…I wrote up this draft then went off to New York Comic Con and kinda forgot about it. Oops.

In any case, I’ve got some great links coming your way about all kinds of geeky stuff, so grab a snack and get ready for a mini-tabsplosion.

  • Firefly: Shiny Mudder’s Milk Chocolate Cupcakes (Bakingdom): This blog has some of the yummiest looking recipes ever, and many of them are even geeky. This one for Firefly fans sounded especially tasty.
  • Candy Corn Crunch (Pintester): Somehow, this ended up being one of the sites I read most regularly, so don’t be surprised if it makes an appearance every week. In any case, the candy corn crunch pin she tried out looks tasty enough to rot your teeth out.
  • Treasury Tuesday: Halloween Nostalgia (Mom’s Basement): The folks at Mom’s Basement put together a fun Etsy treasury to celebrate your favorite ghoulish holiday. I’m feeling rather inspired…maybe I’ll swing by Etsy sometime this month and make one myself.
  • In the Mines of ‘Give Me Moria’ of This! (Henchman-4-Hire): If you’re into Legos or Lord of the Rings, you need to go watch the stopmotion video in this post. It explains why that cave troll was so pissed at the fellowship in Moria. Too funny!
  • TARDIS Cameo Bracelet — Geeky Item of the Week (Geekopolis): This has to be one of the cutest Doctor Who bracelets I’ve ever seen. Want!
  • How hard do you want it? (the Little Red Reviewer): The author shares her random thoughts on hard science fiction and when it gets to be too academic. An interesting read that makes me think I’m more into soft sci-fi myself.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave links of your own to interesting nerdy stuff in the comments. 😀

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