Product Review: Cooler Master NotePal U2

I mostly review games, anime, and manga, but today, I’m switching gears to write about a gadget of sorts. Here’s a little backstory first, though. Last month, I picked up Guild Wars 2 when it came out. (Loving that, by the way. Anybody else playing it?) Sadly, the first night I played the game, it made my poor laptop overheat and shut itself down. Maybe I need to just get a gaming desktop, but the more affordable solution at the time was to just prop the back of my laptop up with a book to get some more air circulation underneath it. That’s helped, but the laptop was still getting pretty warm. So, I decided that it was time for me to just pick up a cooling pad.

I’ve always been skeptical of cooling pads, but when I saw the NotePal U2 from Cooler Master on Amazon, I actually thought, “Hey, that might work.” I bought it on a whim, and it’s definitely been worth my twenty bucks.

The great thing about the NotePal U2 is that you can actually remove the provided fans and attach them wherever you want on the stand. This way, you can target the areas of your laptop that heat up the most. If you aren’t in need of cooling, you can even completely remove the fans and just use the stand. When you are making use of the fans, they’ll need to be plugged into a USB port on your computer for power. Thankfully, the cable has an extra port on it so there’s no need to worry about losing inputs.

The stand is made of aluminum, and it’s pretty sleek. It’s also super portable: just remove the fans and you can slip your laptop case under the lip at the back for easy transport. I’m also surprised by how often I’m using the stand. I’ve found that I really like having my laptop at an angle, so I tend to just leave it on the NotePal all the time, even if I’m not gaming. The only downside is that it definitely doesn’t make keeping my laptop in my lap easier. Maybe I’ll pick up a lap desk.

Pros: Sleek design, reconfigurable fans, no USB port loss, lightweight, portable

Cons: Can’t really use it away from a table or lap desk, not exactly easy to store the fans when you’re carrying it around with your computer

Bottom line? If you need a cooling pad and don’t mind sitting at a table with your laptop, then I highly recommend the NotePal U2. It’s worked great for me so far. If you want to learn more about this product, head over to Cooler Master’s item page.


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