TARDIS of the Week #13

I probably should have waited on this one until it’s a little closer to the holidays, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it now. Also, if you like it, this will give you plenty of time to buy one so you can use it!

If you haven’t figured it out, this week’s TARDIS is a holiday ornament. This time, I actually found something that is official merch, too, so you can buy it straight from the BBC.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I really want one. Might have to make a set of 2D clay ones if I ever want to have a Doctor Who-themed Christmas tree. 😀

If you like the TARDIS ornament, you might also enjoy the BBC’s red Dalek ornament, which you can check out here. Have you seen any nifty police boxes around the Internet lately? Link ’em below!

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