Geek-ly Roundup: Everything Needs a Little Batman

No, really. Anything can be made better with a Batman logo. I ran into a nifty Batman glass on Pinterest the other day, and I realized that I pin a lot of stuff related to dear old Bats that you folks might enjoy. So, for my first roundup-style post in a while, I tracked down some fun Batman goodies and figured I’d share them with you here. It’s not exactly like the link extravaganzas of old, but I think it counts.

First up, check out that crime-fighting glass I mentioned. You can pick one up for yourself over at ThinkGeek.

I could spend an entire post on Batman stuff from ThinkGeek, but I’ll only throw in one more for now. If I ever decide I want to have a superhero themed party, I think I’ll need this ice tray to make little Batman ice cubes to go in that glass.

For another caped item, check out these awesome socks from 80s Tees. They have the Batman symbol and, yes, a little cape at the top. I really want a pair!

Of course, you can only find so much merch commercially. Sometimes, you just have to go to crafters for some of the more creative fandom-related items. For example, check out this amazing Batman apron from Etsy shop luv2right.

Finally, have a look at Etsy seller OddlyIndie’s custom Converses based on imagery from The Dark Knight Rises. I love my white Converses, but these are just too cool.

What’s your favorite place to snag merch based on your favorite geeky obsessions? Have you spotted any nifty Batman-themed items lately? Share the links in the comments!

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