Fanart: Avengers Evening Gowns

It seems pretty popular of late to reimagine your favorite fictional characters’ costumes as outfits of some kind. Not that I’m complaining; I love the creative ways people come up with to represent different superheroes and video game characters in clothing.

One of the most nifty plays on this that I’ve seen lately is this set of evening gown designs based on the Avengers. The piece by deviantART user kelseymichele is gorgeous, and I genuinely like all of the dresses in some way. Click the image to see a larger version over at deviantART.

 As far as things I think I’d actually wear go, I love the Hawkeye, Thor, and Captain America dresses. In terms of sheer fun, though, I think Loki’s takes the cake. It’s so fitting, and I really like all the details. Maybe I just really like Loki, though. Also, while I’m not a fan of the Coulson dress, I do like that the model is holding what appears to be a Captain America comic. :)

Would you wear any of these superhero gowns? Which are your favorites? If you like the art, make sure you click the link provided above and check out the artist’s deviantART page.

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