One A Day #8: In Which I Gush Over Pyroland

Do you believe in magic?

I certainly do. That’s part of why most of the time, when I play Team Fortress 2 with my roomies, I tend to go Pyro. There’s just something magical about running around the map like a crazy person, burning everyone and everything in sight. I definitely do my share of gleeful laughing every time I torch a cloaked spy or manage to air blast someone off a cliff.

One thing I’ve always wondered, though, is what goes on behind that mask. All you ever hear the Pyro say is, “Mmph, mmph!” So, when Valve announced that a “Meet the Pyro” video was coming soon, I had to speculate a bit. I thought it would be fun if the Pyro ended up being the only female character in the game other than The Announcer.

I’ve never been more pleased to be wrong. When I watched “Meet the Pyro,” I couldn’t stop grinning from sheer delight, and I just wanted to dive into TF2 match right away. Check out the video below, courtesy of Machinima.

Isn’t that beautiful? It’s so perfect that Pyros see a magical candy land with babies, bubbles, and rainbows, when the world around them is actually burning to a crisp. Now that I have a pair of Pyrovision Goggles, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using them. After all, if I remove them, I won’t be able to tell when other players have adorable floating unicorns flying above their heads or when fellow Pyros are showering the baby TF2 enemies with bubbles. :)

Other classes trying on the Pyrovision Goggles.

Tonight as I farmed for charred bits of garbage in hopes of catching a Balloonicorn (which, by the way, you can purchase in the real world), I think I played the most amusing round of TF2 I’ve ever encountered. Thanks to Pyromania, everyone wants to try out the new Pyro goodies, so the team I was on ended up being nothing but Pyros. We didn’t win, but everyone was running around burning the other team, using rainbow taunts, laughing with muffled gas mask voices, and generally having a good romp. Eventually, even the opposing team switched to all Pyros, and the game became pure burning mayhem. Some folks smacked their foes with Lollichops, others blasted each other into the air, and still more managed to get that elusive OMGWTFBBQ achievement (Myself included!). Have a look at the two screenshots below to get a look at my awesome Pyro team.

Have you been enjoying Pyromania? Feel free to share any fantastic stories of your adventures in Pyroland in the comments!

P.S. I’ll bet you’ll get “Do You Believe in Magic?” stuck in your head every time you play TF2 as a Pyro from now on. :)

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