One A Day #7: Sailor Avengers

Since I’ve already done one post in my waking hours today, this one-a-day is going to be more of an image-gasm.

I’ve curated galleries here of both Sailor Moon and Avengers crossover fan art, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone decided to do a mashup of the two.  These Sailor Avengers from deviantART user nna are absolutely gorgeous. I particularly like Sailor Iron Man and Sailor Hawkeye. Sailor Loki even has a Sailor Galaxia vibe going on, which I love.

Since this image is rather small, here are some larger versions of my two favorites plus the Sailor Shieldlights, which you can also find on the artist’s Tumblr page. You’ll have to click through on the image above or the link in the second paragraph to check out nna’s page and see the large version of the entire team.

Sailor Iron Man
Sailor Hawkeye
The Sailor Shieldlights

Aren’t these amazing? If you like what you see in this post, hop on over to the deviantART and Tumblr pages I linked to and share your thoughts with the artist, too. :)

UPDATE (later in the morning on 6/27):  I just realized that you can actually buy prints of the main image with everyone but the Shieldlights! Check out Ann Marcellino’s society6 shop for details. She set it up just so fans of the Sailor Avengers can get their fan art fix, so go throw your money at it if you like her amazing artwork. 😉

2 thoughts on “One A Day #7: Sailor Avengers”

    1. That would be so epic! You must post pictures if you end up making the costume. 😀

      Also, now I kind of want to go to a con as Sailor Hawkeye…I wish I could sew!

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