One A Day #4: Musings on Writing and Figuring Stuff Out

Eep! I almost forgot to do this today. I’ve been trying to get a friend moved out of her place, and The G.A.M.E.S. Blog was conducting writer interviews, so it’s been a busy day. I haven’t slept yet since I first got up, so this one totally still counts even though there’s technically still going to be a day between this post and my last one. Anyway…I don’t know what to write about.

I suppose I could write about writing. Though I’m enjoying my volunteer positions and I never want to leave The G.A.M.E.S. Blog permanently, I’m still looking for a paid position in tech or video game journalism. Why don’t I just give up on all of this and try for a well-paying engineering job? Well…I guess goals can change. Also, I’m still waiting for the right company. If I could do tech work for the right place (read: not some place that’s government contracted), I think I could be happy.

If I had never started this blog in the first place, I might not have ever considered changing my mind. Blogging reminded me that writing was always a wonderful creative outlet in my life, and now I don’t want to let it go ever again. I have a tech background and I love geeky things, so I figure as long as I keep writing and seeking out opportunities, I’ll land my dream job some day. (Also, I’ve been drawing inspiration from posts like this over at Otaku Journalist. It’s a great site, especially for aspiring geek writers.) I’ve also gotten really good at researching for articles and getting short-form posts done, but I want to expand my skill set.

To that end, I recently picked up Fraps, and I’m hoping to try doing some video walkthroughs or something for TGB. I haven’t played with it much yet, but I think the first thing I want to make is a tutorial on the Portal 2 level editor that came out earlier this year. After that, I’m not sure. Got any suggestions?

I also want to get into podcasting. (I’m taking suggestions for topics!) It seems like all the journalism jobs I find say it would be a great bonus if you’re familiar with audio and video editing software, so I figure I should move this up on my “life skills to learn” list. It’s been on said list for a while, but this is something I could play around with immediately using open source tools, so why not do it now? Maybe I’ll become Internet famous!

It’s weird, though. I don’t want to just abandon my tech background for journalism because the tinkerer in me is still an important part of who I am. One microcontroller project I’ve been mulling over for a while is a quiver that can cycle through different arrow types like Hawkeye’s from The Avengers. I feel like it would be pretty simple (mostly getting a stepper motor to spin the way I want it to), and it would get me back into a little hardware work. I also want to create my own website and eventually migrate my blog there. The free WordPress site has been kind to me, but I’d like a little more freedom with my blog’s look, so paying for hosting and playing with site building seems like a good idea. Do you have any skills you’d like to pick up?

Ultimately, I guess I’m still figuring things out. I do know that my college experience shaped who I am, but I don’t want to give up on the writer I rediscovered. Maybe I’ll end up in a tech job doing web development or at an embedded systems company, or maybe I’ll end up going into journalism. Heck, when I was growing up, I wanted to be anything from a geologist to an astronomer to a politician.

In the end, I just want to do something I love.

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  1. Great post! You should definitely continue doing what you love, and if that means wearing many different ‘hats’ at once, then go for it! It’s better to have lots of interests than only a select few- life is so much more interesting when you are passionate about what you are doing :)

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