One a Day #1: I Need to Keep Writing!

Well, it’s not so much that I haven’t been writing. It’s more that I haven’t been writing here, and that bothers me. I love my little blog and the awesometastic band of followers it has gathered in the last year, so I really don’t want to see it die.

What to write, what to write?

So, I’m turning to the “one a day” concept. Sometime during my waking hours of every day, I will try to post something to this blog. Even if it’s nothing more than a blurb about how adorable my cat is playing in a box or a few sentences about having writer’s block. I’ve been doing plenty of writing for The G.A.M.E.S. Blog lately, but sometimes it’s good to just write about something random. Or about Doctor Who. Oh yeah, that reminds me: it’s Whosday, isn’t it? I’ll have a nifty TARDIS up for you to look at later today. :)

I sort of lost track of my blog a little bit before that trip to NYC at the end of last month. Then…well, I was in NYC, having tons of fun and not worrying about blogging. I helped cover E3 while I was there and kept my post count for TGB, but I figured I’d gush about the trip here when I got back. When I got back, however, I caught some evil disease that gave me a sore throat and a super high fever and kept me in bed for a week. Seriously, I couldn’t even eat solid food. Dark times.

Anyway, now that I’m better, I want to keep up with things a little more here. Let’s see if I can last a year with this “one a day” business. If you have an idea for anything you’d like to see me write about, leave a comment and I might just use it as a starting point for another post. Meanwhile, I need to go work on an anime music column for TGB. :)

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