Weird: Sailor Moon Crossover Fan Art

I know it’s technically going to be Thursday by the time this post is published, but let’s pretend it’s still Wednesday. That said, I think I might start making Wednesdays the time when I post seriously weird things. I’m testing the waters with this post about crazy Sailor Moon fan art.

At this point, I feel like I should include a disclaimer. There’s no NSFW stuff here, but you won’t be able to un-see any of these pictures. You’ve been warned.

My strange journey into Sailor Moon fan crossovers began with this pretty one that reinvented the adorable cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as Sailor Scouts.

Click the image to check out YoukaiYume’s deviantART page.

Pretty cute, right? When I saw this on Pinterest, I figured I’d do a quick Google search to see more adorable Sailor Moon crossover pictures. It turns out that making ponies out of the senshi is also a popular thing to do.

Click through for kaoshoneybun’s deviantART.

I have to admit, this one has some major cuteness going on, too. Further scrolling through the image search revealed that it’s also common for folks to cross the Sailor Scouts with Disney Princesses in some way. Inevitable, but interesting nonetheless.

Then, things started to get a little stranger. Someone decided the Daleks weren’t strange enough on their own, so they dressed the Doctor Who baddies in skirts and wigs.

Sailor Senshi Daleks? *face palm*

But the Doctor Who crossover isn’t even the craziest of them. Sailor Moon has been mixed with Green Lantern…

…Death Note…

…Adventure Time…

Click through for Razzl3erry’s deviantART.

…Harry Potter…


Click through for bekstorm’s deviantART.


Click through for Molnja’s deviantART

…Code Geass…
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

…and, last but perhaps most amusing, Hetalia.

Axis Powers: Hetalia

Sure, Sailor Germany is a little frightening, but isn’t Salior Chibitalia cute? And for some reason, America as Sailor Venus seems really fitting.

I think this research provides excellent fodder for a new rule of the Internet. “If it exists, there’s probably a Sailor Moon crossover for it.”

If you’re still here and not too weirded out for words, what do you think of these crazy crossover images?

Also, if you happen to be the artist behind any of these pictures, do leave a link to your website in the comments so I can credit you. I had trouble figuring out who originally made some of these.

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    1. Yeah, that one made me laugh quite a bit. I can just imagine them saying the phrase in the Dalek voice. For some reason, I kind of want someone to build them and take them to conventions.

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