Whosday: Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

Oh, dear. It appears we have another holiday to celebrate.

The official Doctor Who Facebook Page has declared April 3rd to now and forever be Fish Fingers and Custard Day. It’s the second anniversary of the original airing of “The Eleventh Hour,” in which the Eleventh Doctor has little Amelia help him figure out what food he likes. Turns out, it’s fish fingers and custard.


Ick. Well, I’m assuming it’s gross, anyway. Some people must like it, because the fans have been posting response videos to that clip. I suppose I could give it a go sometime. Does anyone know if I can buy ready-to-eat custard in any US grocery stores? What? I’m just curious. (Read: supposedly it’s easy to make, but I’m recovering from a sinus bug and don’t want to cook if I don’t have to.)

Frankly, I think I’d rather make and eat these fish fingers from Bakingdom.

Aren’t they cute? And guess what? They’re COOKIES! If you think they look tasty, click on through the picture or the link above it and check out Darla’s recipe. (While you’re there, read the rest of her blog if you have time. She makes some of the cutest, most delicious looking baked goodies I’ve ever seen in my life. See that TARDIS in the background? That’s an apron she made! I haven’t had time to actually try out her recipes, but I tend to bookmark a lot of them for future use anyway.)

In any case, happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Have you tried this appalling sounding dish? If you have, was it better than it sounds? Also, feel free to share recipes for fake fish fingers that are actually sweets.

2 thoughts on “Whosday: Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!”

  1. I actually made those yesterday and they were so yummy! The cookies almost reminded me of Nilla wafter but not as crumbly. I only had milk on hand, so I ended up using a different custard recipe and it was just as good. :)

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