Whosday: TARDIS of the Week #3

Last week, I’m pretty sure I said this week’s TARDIS would be food, something purchasable, or another cabinet. (Ok, so I could go back and check. I’m lazy.) Well, sorry to disappoint if you were looking forward to those, but I found something I consider even better. This one is a true work of art. No, really, I’m not kidding. It was in a museum!

This beauty was made my artist Mark Wallinger, and it was on display at the Hayward Gallery in 2009. For the record, I have no idea where that is beyond the fact that it’s somewhere in Britain. Did any readers across the pond actually see this thing in person?

Apparently, this amazing TARDIS really looks like it’s disappearing if you look at it from the right angle. Isn’t that neat? If you’re still not impressed, just go watch the Series 7 trailer and enjoy the spoilers.

What do you think of this TARDIS, though? Would you commission one if you had money to throw away? I know I would.

2 thoughts on “Whosday: TARDIS of the Week #3”

  1. Aaaah, so pretty!
    The Hayward’s in London, part of the South Bank Centre. I haven’t been there in a while, and sadly didn’t see this installation :(

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