Featured Etsy Shop: ChibiSayuri

This week’s featured shop is ChibiSayuri. She has some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen for sale in her shop, and I just love the amigurumi she crochets. Take a look! :)

How did you get started as a crafter?
I started crafting when I saw adorable dolls that I could make if I learned crochet. Once I mastered it, it was a snowball effect, and I started doing all kinds of crafts.

What is your favorite type of craft?
My favorite type has to be crochet, in particular amigurumi. I love making them and seeing how much people love them.

Narwhal Amigurumi

What is your favorite piece that you’ve ever made, and why is it your favorite?
My favorite item I’ve ever made has to be the tiny GIR amigurumi that I made. It’s a perfect show of what I can do and it’s so gosh darn cute.

What inspires you to create?
It’s mostly my own stubbornness that inspires me. I was always bitter about having to pay a lot of money for something that looked nice, but was terrible quality or could easily be made by hand. When I realized how I could pretty much make anything for cheaper myself, I branched out and tried to do as much as possible; mostly to challenge myself to see if I really could make it just like the overpriced stuff in stores.

Custom Squishable.com and Round Animal Charm Necklace

Have you ever just wanted to make *something* but found yourself at a loss for what to do? If so, how do you overcome crafter’s block?
Many times I’ve wanted to make something and ended up not knowing where to start. When I find myself in that position, I usually try to break down the big picture of what I want into smaller things. One small thing for this part, one small thing for another, and when all the small pieces are done, I realize that I did it all and the only thing left to do is put it all together.

What are some of your favorite geeky interests?
I’m a huge old school geek, Mario, Star Fox, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon are my ultimate favorite games. I also loved old school cartoons like X-Men, DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Pinky and the Brain. I’m also a huge book fan, but that’s just me being nerdy.

Do you have any suggestions for crafters trying to get started on Etsy?
When I started out I didn’t really understand the importance of promotion. I wasn’t in teams and didn’t have any pages/blogs dedicated to my etsy. I kind of figured that if I had good stuff to sell people would buy. But Etsy is a word of mouth type of site, you really need to advertise and promote your stuff everywhere you go and on other different sites. If you start slow, it’s not because no one likes your items, it’s mostly because the world wide web is so vast your stuff is swallowed up in the mix. That’s why it’s important to get out there and show the world what you have to offer.

Adorable Crochet Panda Hat Beanie

If you could make any animal, real or fictional, your pet, what would it be and why?
If I could have any fictional pet, I would want a daemon from Phillip Pullman’s books, His Dark Materials AKA The Golden Compass. I would love a companion that was linked to my very soul and that could turn into whatever I would like, and then settle on a form that really portrayed my inner self.

Any other fun/random facts you’d like to share (secret obsessions, other hobbies not covered by geeky interests, pets, favorite things, etc.)?
My tastes on art are very vast and opposite, I love dark, gothic, steampunk, cute, kawaii, mod, retro, and more. So my art reflects my tastes, usually I try to be cute but I also have classy, trendy, gothic, and anything nice I can get my hands onto I try to make into something I myself would wear. So sometimes my stuff turns out a bit odd. :)

Round Penguin Amigurumi


You can find ChibiSayuri on Etsy, DeviantART, and Facebook

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  1. I have purchased several of her items and I can vouche for the quality and prefessionalism of her work …..You wont regret buying anything , she is SO talented !

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